The house of Orion is a group of people who are committed to devoting their lives to the ideas of the Orionist religion. Orionism is a religion based on the principle that 'Time is God'.

Time possesses all the properties that we expect from a God. Omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience.

"God is omnipresent and omnipotent as is Time. Our physical existence is built on the foundation block of Time."

          - The Tenets of Orion

Orion is a being that has transcended the physical laws of Time. His teachings are the foundations of the Orionist movement. They are based on principles and practices that loosen the grip of Time's hands upon the human body and soul. Once your soul is free of the control of Time you may join Orion in infinite nirvana.

"Time is God. Orion is greater than God. Praise Orion."

       -The Tenets of Orion

Unlike many other religions the ideas of Orionism are not set in stone. It is a religion in flux and will always remain that way. It is intended to be a tool for the people. A conduit through which to explore ideas and your identity. Orionism is a way of reminding us that sometimes the physical world can seem all too real when matters of the soul should take precedent.

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